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Consultations & Topics Include:

Transitioning from Hospital to Home 

Cura for Care                                                                 

Post-hospital care to reduce emergency visits, costly medical procedures, & readmission.  Cura

for Care staff share about transportation to doctors & therapy, help at home, personal hygiene, meal prep & errands.

Medication Management & Pharmacy Services

Bradley Health Services

"Simplify My Meds" program/Convenient & safe dose packaging • Transitions: what to do when facilities & physicians provide conflicting medications

Physical Therapy: How to Age-Proof Your Body

STAR Physical Therapy

Best practices for balance, strength & flexibility

Physical, occupational, hand & manual therapy programs

Medical/Medicare Plans & Prescriptions

CMC Pro Consultant/Complete Medicare, Medical Coverage                                                                 

Too many options? Navigate Medicare choices best suited for you. Complimentary service specializing in minimizing costs & maximizing your benefits.

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Bradley Health Services

Consultations on quality medical products that are safe, affordable & convenient.

In-Home Care Services

Cura for Care

Learn how to lower costs and secure quality in-home care

What to look for when needing extra care at home

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