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Cura's Guest Post Writer Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Cura for Care's resources for seniors and those who love them!

Since we receive a lot of guest post requests, we wanted to make it easy for you to determine if your writing would be a good fit.

If you:

• Have been published, even on your own website, where we can review your work;

• Have a website/blog geared towards seniors;

• Are flexible and willing to be edited

then we might be a good fit!

If you're still interested, here are our requirements:

1. Please read a few articles to get a feel of our purpose and style:

2. Please include your actual full name and website so we can make sure you're a real person.

3. Different types of people read our articles, so please either write to the seniors needing care or to their adult children.

4. Please limit your post to 500-800 words. Please include headers and bullet points. No need for html.

5. If you want to include images (optional), please provide links to the free public domain source(s) where you acquired them. We reserve the right to replace them, add other images, or remove them altogether.

6. We allow you one link for backlink purposes. We never want to make search engines disgruntled with overuse of hyperlinks, and we prefer not to overwhelm our readers with an abundance of underlined phrases.

7. Above all, keep it friendly, professional, and optimistic! We reserve the right to edit, proofread, and trim. Absolutely all work must be original to you and unpublished elsewhere.


• Please cite your sources conversationally (e.g. Moises Paz of Cura for Care in Nashville says, "We want seniors to do more than live at home. We want them to thrive at home.") You may include sources at the end of your piece if you're providing facts that may need checking.

• Please send your post as a Word document. In rare cases we will accept posts longer than 800 words, but try to be concise.

• We do not post press releases or emotive pieces. Only how to's for seniors or their caregivers.


All guest posts on are unpaid, receive a byline and a link to the author's website, become the intellectual property of Cura for Care, and may be edited.

Thanks so much for your interest! To leave a guest post, please email us at using the following subject line (so we can know you read to the end of our guidelines:)

Writing in response to your Cura's Writer Guidelines

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