At Cura for Care, we are committed to providing educated, caring, professional caregivers, health aids, and personal assistants. Our professionals receive paid staff training and supervision to provide the best possible home care. Our professionals are insured and bonded, receive quality compensation, paid time off, holiday pay and health benefits for full time employees.

At Cura, we invest in our professionals, health aids, and personal care assistants. All caregivers receive paid professional training on a variety of topics including:

• Person Centered Care and Service
• Effective Communication
• Bathing and Personal Hygiene
• Exercise and Appropriate Activities

Staff are trained in Understanding, Deescalating, and Redirecting Challenging Behaviors. We also provide specialized training on client-specific needs such as Alzheimer's disease and memory loss, diabetes, joint replacement and post-surgery/chronic care.  
Monitoring and Supervision:
All home visits are GPS-verified using electronic monitoring, tracking, and verification of on-time service. Every member of our care team is carefully screened via references, abuse registry, and criminal/drug and driving background checks.
Care partners receive ongoing supervision to ensure that each care partner is
individually and appropriately matched to the individual receiving care. Care
Managers (supervisors) maintain regular communication with individuals receiving
care, their families, friends, and the medical team as appropriate.
At Cura for Care, our care partners are on a career path: insured, bonded, fairly and
compensated. They receive employee benefits including financial support for
continuing education.

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Moises Paz, M.S.

Founder & CEO

Moises has a passion for bringing quality care services for those who need it and is most proud of the personal connection he maintains with clients, care partners and staff. “We want people to thrive at home and reduce their need for expensive medical services, and that’s why we created Cura for Care.”

“In 2018, we expanded and now provide Childcare & Executive Assistants to help families and individuals maintain the work/life balance critical to a healthy and active lifestyle," he said.

With five children, twelve grandchildren and having helped care for his parents living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, he knows first-hand the challenges facing families today. A trained family therapist and graduate of UCLA and SDSU, he implemented training programs for college interns & employees, and he managed community programs promoting strong families and promoting healthy and active lifestyles for seniors.

As part of Abe’s Garden, Moises facilitated memory care training programs for professional and family caregivers. For over 20 years, he managed large preschools, afterschool programs and day camps with up to 900 campers.

Anita Kincaid

Director, Care & Community Relations

Anita Kincaid is the personable director of Cura's client and community relations. With a background in business as well as several years experience as a caregiver, Anita brings professionalism and warmth to our staff. In her role as a caregiver, individuals take an instant liking to her. Resistance to necessary tasks like bathing and hygiene dissipates in the light of her good natured confidence. One client in his late 80’s put it simply by saying, “I love Anita.” His wife quickly chimed in that she felt the same way.


Locally owned, many of Cura's employees are Nashville natives

At Cura, we're on a mission to transform home care. With over 65 exceptional care
partners, we're Nashville's one-stop shop for senior care, personal assistance, and
childcare. Here you'll meet just a few of Cura's "Classy Care Partners" who are self-motivated, professionally trained and supervised to help you thrive at home.

​​*Caregiver last names not included to protect privacy.


RN, Care Supervisor

Erica has spent her life as a caregiver, first as a mother baby nurse, and second as a full-time mother. Now she's expanding her reach to bring warm assistance to seniors and families. Erica oversees care plans ensuring service excellence to seniors, children and those served by our executive assistants. She manages insurance claims ensuring that services are compliant with care plans and insurance policies.


LPN, Care Manager

May has won the hearts of our clients & staff by showing up to emergency and hospital rooms bearing balloons and get-well cards. She's part of the Moises & Mary team, making home or hospital visits on short notice. A caring professional, May has worked as part of clinical support and as an LPN caregiver with hospitals, insurance companies, residential facilities and as a home care provider.


Nurse Assistant, "Chief Motivator"

Cathy is our go-to person when someone is down or refuses to get up and out. She'll start them with a quick trip to the store, then a full shopping trip. Soon enough, she has them excited about a dinner date or show tickets at a local dinner theatre. For seniors struggling with isolation, Cathy's focus on engaging with old friends or making new friends is entertaining and motivating.

She's also a superb cook, involving her clients in organizing shopping trips and making special meals. One day while cleaning, Cathy found $1400 forgotten by a client under his mattress. Because of experiences like this that demonstrate her trustworthy, loving character, deep friendships develop between Cathy and her clients.


Child Care and much more

A Nashville native, Dee knows many of our clients' parents, their children, and their clergy. Her caring demeanor and do-what-is-needed attitude make her a favorite with our clients. Dee provides child care during worship services for one of our clients, a local distinguished church, who describes her as a friend to all the children and a trusted assistant to all the parents. Some of the parents remember Dee caring for them during their teen years.



Cheryl brings professional training and experience in her role helping individuals living with memory loss. She's on staff with the prestigious Abe’s Garden Memory Care Center of Excellence, and she has a knack for motivating individuals to get out of bed and stay active. Daily life becomes an adventure with trips to the store or walks in the neighborhood.

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