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Transportation for seniors, Nashville and Brentwood

At Cura for Care, we understand the importance of family, community, personal connections and social activities as part of a happy, healthy and active lifestyle.


That’s why we offer your family and loved ones valuable resources like:

  • Personalized and secure family page

  • Care education and training

  • Specialized memory care and coaching

  • Communication with certified nurse aide (CNA), personal care assistant, care manager/supervisor

  • Wellness updates

  • Recent photos, stories, and helpful information

  • Community and social connection

Combat Loneliness and Isolation with Cura

For seniors, loneliness can lead to isolation, weight loss, lack of motivation, trouble sleeping and depression. Cura’s unique Shared Care program offers seniors opportunities for enjoyable social interactions, special events, activities and personal connections. Plus, this Shared Care program comes at a discounted rate for your care. Contact us to find out more about this exciting program.

Introducing the Cura Family Page

Whether you live across town from your loved one or across the globe, you and your family can keep up with regular happenings through a special password-protected, secure webpage designed just for you. Our care partners document fun and poignant moments and post pictures and stories about your loved one's adventures.

Who did Mom go to lunch with? Did she take a walk in the neighborhood? Did she get her hair done? Did an old song take her back to childhood while she was sipping her milkshake?

Bottom line. The Cura for Care family page brings everyone together. The grandchildren can check in from college, and you can all keep up with your loved one's activities from anywhere in the world.

You can view a sample Family Page here.

Peace of mind in-home care for your parents, Nashville
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