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Professional home care, Nashville, Brentwood
home care and respite care
Recovery from Hospitalization:
Research Shows What Works

The Cura model for home care is based on research* that outlines necessary services that help seniors and individuals recovering from hospitalization to thrive at home and reduce the need for expensive medical care and re-hospitalization.


At Cura, we are on a mission to transform homecare for seniors and individuals recovering from hospitalization. In addition to physical needs, Cura addresses social & emotional needs to ensure a happy, active and healthy lifestyle.
We are available for 24-hour care, respite care, or as needed, with affordable care. Cura caregivers are trained and skilled in providing personal care and hygiene, meals and transportation and assistance with all activities of daily living.
Research cautions that isolation and depression are key risk factors following hospitalization.

Cura home care encourages healthy, active, and social lifestyles that engage families, friends and churches. From home exercise programs to attending activities with friends or at home, we're committed to improving your health and the quality of life at home.
Why Cura?

We work with doctors & medical teams to provide efficient quality care that reduces the need for re-hospitalization.

Research shows that when patients with multiple health problems require intensive medical and behavioral health care services, their high-need, high-cost services is expensive and requires professional care by trained givers.

What works in these recurring situations?
Cura Works!

Our Post-Acute Care following hospitalization elevates the quality of non-medical care to support an independent and cost-effective lifestyle at home. Trained caregivers ensure compliance with care plans and the assigned Care Manager tracks progress and communicates with the medical team.

  • Individualized contracted care schedules provide flexibility and efficiency to deliver care when it’s most needed

  • Daily check-in from our Care Manager combat feelings of isolation and depression while assessing wellness and efficacy of care

  • Certified Nurse Aides, Social Workers, and Personal Care Assistants provide qualified, caring and engaging professional care

  • Monitoring and early identification of changes in condition provides coordination with medical teams; improving care, health and reducing the need for emergency department care and hospitalization

  • Escort, transportation, and advocacy at doctor’s appointments, assistance with medical devices and medication management

  • Designated family and friends receive wellness updates via a web based individual and secure Family Page

  • Shared Care provides an affordable option for individuals living in close proximity. Additional benefits include flexibility in scheduling, companionship, social connections and favorable pricing

  • Shopping, outings, transportation, and scheduled social activities with friends to help reduce isolation and depression

  • Consultation with a Geriatric Care Manager to identify comprehensive care needs and create an individualized plan that respects values, preferences and resources. Services may also include a nutrition evaluation by dietitian, occupational and physical therapy, safe-home assessment and improvements, family education and transition assistance to residential facilities

Care Manager Check-In

Our check-in monitoring service provides you with extra peace of mind knowing that medication, exercise routines and care plans are implemented correctly. ​

A Social Worker or Certified Nurse Aide provides you with regularly scheduled in-depth phone calls and drop-in visits.


These on-going conversations:​

•  Provide you with a warm, friendly and compassionate remote companion
•  Allow us to assess your overall well-being.
•  Help us quickly identify changes in your health status, inform your medical team and make adjustments to your care plan if needed
•  Ensure doctor visits are attended or scheduled and transportation arrangements made if necessary
•  Help us ensure compliance to your care treatment and medication management plans

•  Conduct medical device training where needed
•  Confirm that nutritious meals are being prepared or delivered and eaten
•  Schedule social visits (church, senior centers, families, etc.)
We would love the opportunity to meet with you and your organization about how our cost-effective services can complement your existing services. Together, we can more successfully accomplish our mutual goal of better patient outcomes.

Contact us today to find out more information or to schedule a consultation.

*Source: The Commonwealth Fund; High-Cost Patients, An Evidence Synthesis, October 2015.

Our professional care managers and caregivers work closely with doctors and medical teams to ensure care plans, medications, therapy exercises, and doctor’s visits are followed. Our daily wellness checks ensure that changes in condition are identified and addressed in a timely fashion.

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