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*Family pages are available upon request.

"Joe's" Family Page

Eating Ice Cream

Went to visit Mary for her birthday

December 14, 2016

We went to visit Mary for her birthday and were happy to find several others there as well. She had a great day, and she appreciated us taking the time to come see her. 

Monday with Joe

December 12, 2016

Today was a busy day. We drove to the store, the bank and Walgreens to pick up a prescription. Then lunch, ice cream and back to the apartment. Joe stayed in the lobby because “there needs to be someone up front to greet people!”

Won Scrabble...Again

December 07, 2016

Joe is a master at Scrabble. He knows every rule and never lets anybody get by with anything. 

Went to Listen to Choir Practice

December 03, 2016

Joe got to go listen to the choir practice today. He loves singing along, and many of his old friends make it a point to come by and speak with him. 

Out and About with Joe

November 27, 2016

We ate lunch the first day at Puckett's. I found out later that he hadn't been there in a few years. When we arrived the place was packed. A couple people we saw there had worked with Joe in years past.

Joe really enjoys talking to people. The man behind the counter was so happy to see him because they hadn't seen him for a long time and had wondered how he was doing.

The next day we ate at the Club luncheon, and Joe was in charge of greeting people.

He's so sweet and introduced me as his friend who drives him around now. He told everyone that he had to shape up and do a good job because he had to impress me.

Top Observations About Joe

November 15, 2016

• He prefers backroads to the interstate.

• He is used to a routine. 

• He loves to go to lunch.

• He enjoys the company of others and is an avid conversationalist.

• He loves music and art.

• He's proud of his wife and children.

• He's very independent.

• He likes ice cream, cherry cobbler, and spaghetti.

• He's a dancer.

• He loves to laugh!

• His friends really care about him. They were very glad to see that someone was helping him.

• He enjoys learning and is quite a good reader.

• He loves the people in his town, and he enjoys his little bit of time there.

• He doesn’t like to be wasteful.

• He isn't a complainer unless his routine has been changed (like on the first day).

• He still can’t believe he is as old as he is because he doesn’t feel that old!

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Top Observations About Joe's Well-Being

Joe loves his mobility. It's  important that folks still need him. 

Joe isn't as steady as he used to be. He could benefit from a walker or cane. 

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