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Quality in-home senior care, Nashville


Cura’s in home care model is designed to prevent unnecessary hospitalization expenses.

Our non-medical staff accomplishes this by…

  • Assisting you with your everyday activities

  • Affording you time with friends beyond your front door

  • Alerting your doctor on changes in your condition

  • Answering your questions and checking up on your care

  • Accommodating your needs with flexible scheduling​

Locally owned and operated senior home care Nashville
Hours & Rates


Cura in-home care services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’ll work closely together to set up a care schedule that works best for you, your family and your medical team.

Rates depend on your specific care needs and vary by the individual service plans you select.  Our Shared Care, Check-In, Family Page services (see below) provide affordable options for every need. Post-Acute care following hospitalization helps reduce the need for additional medical procedures.

 Please contact our office to schedule a free in-home consultation. 

Customized In-Home Care


All in-home care plans are tailor-made to meet your needs and can include the following benefits:

  • Assistance in securing therapeutic services including Palliative or Hospice Care

  • Fall prevention and safe-home strategies and modifications to reduce the risks of injury

  • Emergency plan including medication history and numbers to call

  • 15-minute response and emergency assistance

  • Early identification of changes in your condition and assistance managing those changes

  • Medication management – assists you in implementing medication treatment plans given by your medical team

  • Post hospitalization care – assists you in following your medical team instructions after surgery or in-patient hospital stay

  • Assistance with activities of daily living including toileting, personal hygiene, bathing, and dressing

  • Homemaker services including cleaning, laundry, home organization, provision of adequate household supplies

  • Meal preparation and reminders or delivery of prepared meals

  • Safe-Home assessment and assistance in implementation of recommendations

  • Referral services and transition assistance into long term care facilities

  • 24-hour care, respite, travel assistance and pet care

  • Extreme weather and disaster preparedness preparation

  • Encouragement, scheduling, and assistance with social activities (church, social groups etc.)

  • Memory care – specialized coaching for the family

  • Education and training for family and others involved in providing care

  • Regular wellness updates via our secure Family Page accessible to family and friends 24 hours a day

  • Care Manager’s regular scheduled phone call or drop-in visit to reduce isolation and loneliness.

   Aging Happy, Healthy and Active at home, in-home senior care, Nashville
Shared Care

We encourage our clients to be active in their communities. Our shared care service provides an excellent solution to the common problems of isolation and depression.

With Shared Care, neighbors receive a discount to team up as they receive their care. Their shared caregiver assists them both through the day, allowing them to visit while the caregiver accomplishes needed tasks. This allows our clients to meet together for meals, social activities, church, shopping, outings, or other scheduled appointments while receiving a discount on their care.


To learn more about this option, call us at (615) 522-5265.

Peace of mind in-home care for your parents, Nashville
Care Manager Check-In

Our check-in monitoring service provides you with extra peace of mind, and it’s included in each of our care plans.


A Social Worker or Certified Nurse Aide provides you with regularly scheduled in-depth phone calls and drop-in visits.


These on-going conversations:

•  Provide you with a warm, friendly and compassionate remote companion

•  Allow us to assess your overall well-being.

•  Help us quickly identify changes in your health status, inform your medical team and make adjustments to your care plan if needed

•  Ensure doctor visits are attended or scheduled and transportation arrangements made if necessary

•  Help us ensure compliance to your care treatment and medication management plans

•  Conduct medical device training where needed

•  Confirm that nutritious meals are being prepared or delivered and eaten

•  Schedule social visits (church, senior centers, families, etc.)

Family Page

Designated family and friends gain 24/7 access to wellness updates, pictures and stories via a personal and secured Family Page. This is an especially helpful feature for out-of-state loved ones wanting to stay informed about your care. 


Click here to view a sample family page.

Additional Services We Provide

At Cura, we offer so much more than just exclusive in-home care. Here are just a few of the additional services we provide.


Our veteran experts will assist you in pinpointing areas of your home that make living at home unnecessarily dangerous. We’ll get your home navigable so that you can live at home safely.


Memory loss can take a toll on your family. Cura professional educators are available to provide your family education, training and pointers that reduce stress and maintain supportive relationships with individuals living with memory care.


We’re ready to assist. Our special diabetes care service helps you manage your specific insulin issues, and we’ll help you make sure you don’t forget a thing.


Whether you need to downsize, find a home that better suits your needs or explore independent or assisted living alternatives, Cura professionals and partners can help make the transition and the move effortless and economical.

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