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Nashville, Brentwood

*For privacy, we don't use full names or recognizable photos of our clients.

Introducing Cura's exclusive home care.

The medical system in Nashville is changing.
Seniors and those recovering from hospitalization are increasingly discovering the need for an advocate familiar with coordinating care post-discharge, including acquiring necessary equipment, avoiding confusion from mismanaged medication, and general home care to prevent falls and future hospitalizations.

Receive the insurance benefits you deserve.
At Cura, we can help! Together, we personalize a care plan, select the perfect care partners and provide quality care that meets that family's needs, whether that means 24-hour care or just a daily health check to see if they need help around the house. When helping with a hospital or rehab discharge, we also can serve as advocate to make sure Medicare benefits are received, equipment is ready and operational, and the top-of-the-line care professionals are ready to assist so home can still be your safe place.

You need a support system to live healthy, happy and active at home.
Cura is owned & operated by local folks with a track record of success in providing top-tier home care services. Our conscientious staff undergo background checks, care manager oversight, and continuing professional development. It's our joy to help you discover which staff will make the perfect assistant for your needs.

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Answer to Prayer

I was at home trying to recover from my surgery and I was in constant pain. I prayed to Jesus that God would heal me. Cura for Care was an answer to my prayers.

Cura staff went to get my medication for me since I was unable to drive. I was in such pain and they helped me in my time of need. There is a need out there for people who do not have family around to help them. I am very grateful that Cura was there for me.

Colleen | Client


Safe home care for seniors with dementia in Nashville
In-home senior care Nashville
Peace of mind in-home care for your loved ones, Nashville

We provide personalized care plans and options that serve and support you best. From flexible in-home care schedules & affordable plans, we work with you to develop a customized plan to meet your needs & reach your goals.

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We’re all known by the company we keep. At Cura, we’re thankful to partner with some of the top names in health care. Combining our non-clinical services with their expertise saves you.

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Our trained and certified caregivers are on a career path to become leaders in the home care industry. We’re excited to offer you a trained, professional staff to serve your physical and social needs.

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Free safety assessment for seniors, Nashville, Brentwood
Reliable and affordable home care for seniors, Nashville
Professional senior home care for your parents, Nashville  

No one knows you better than your loved ones. At Cura, we put this into practice every day. Our Family Page is designed to keep you and your family and friends connected.

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At Cura, we offer a new model of quality in-home care and service for Nashville and surrounding areas. Our goal is to help you live a happy, healthy, social and active lifestyle at home.

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Even if you don’t live near your family, we can make sure you’re receiving quality care in Nashville, Brentwood & across Middle Tennessee. Our care manager/supervisor communicates with you, your medical team, & family members to ensure safe & quality care.

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Cura's Quick Tips & Stories

Quarantined in a facility with no physical contact with family and friends...and even caregivers are shut out. Here's one story how the pandemic played out in Middle Tennessee.

This video, for health care professionals, demonstrates what makes Cura unique: the ability to join forces with the medical team to prevent unnecessary re-hospitalizations.

Overmedication is a problem for anyone, but add Alzheimer's to the mix and you've got a disaster. Here's the story what happened to one friend (names changed to protect privacy).

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