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Cura's Story

Every celebration improves when cherished loved ones arrive. Unfortunately, those same celebrations diminish when aging loved ones no longer possess the strength to participate. The thought of Bubbe missing the wedding dampens the affair. Thankfully, Nashville residents no longer need leave Bubbe at home. Cura, Nashville’s newest exclusive in-home care agency, offers professional staff who bring more than caregiving to their clients—they bring class. Moises Paz, Cura’s CEO, felt this need while overseeing his parents' care. That’s what moved him toward co-founding an in-home care company that elevates the level of in-home care. “We don’t just want people to live at home. We want them to thrive at home,” Paz said. “When there’s a celebration, we want to enable seniors to attend by providing them assistance dressing, arriving, and mingling. We also provide 24-hour or vacation care so seniors aren’t left alone when traveling isn’t possible.” Cura offers customized care through a free, no-obligation in-home consultation. Available services include meal preparation, transportation, medication management, bathing and hygiene. Cura also offers Safe Home assessments and assistance implementing modifications, plus family support and education developing strategies for how to best deal with the changing needs of aging seniors. Additionally, Cura offers remote oversight for your non-local loved ones. From San Diego to Boston, Cura’s Nashville-based Care Manager communicates with seniors to prevent isolation. During these friendly conversations, Cura observes caregivers’ conduct, checks for overall wellness, manages medications and doctors’ visits, and makes sure your loved one receives the best possible care.

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