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Marilyn's Story

Fifteen years ago, Henry and Marilyn said goodbye to their customers from their small printing business after 43½ years.

"We loved it," Marilyn said. "Henry ran the printing, and I loved working with people. We had a gift shop. We sold things like personalized paper and napkins. We never made a fortune, but we loved our customers!"

Today, Marilyn takes care of Henry, who's been confined to his chair since an illness incapacitated him in 2012. "We retired in 2002 after Henry had a stroke. We didn't need the responsibility of a business at that time.

"Even today, we'll see our former customers at the store, and it's so good to see them," Marilyn said. "We had really nice customers, and they still remember us, fifteen years after we retired."

Looking Back

Marilyn, who attended West End High School, lived in Kentucky as a child.

"I remember the rainy Sunday afternoon at lunch when we heard Pearl Harbor had been bombed," she said. "I was small, but I remember how awful it was seeing my parents so concerned. Then the men left and the women worked the farms. It was a hard time."

When Marilyn was in college, she married Henry, who worked in a jewelry store. "I had a friend who was an auctioneer, and he told me to come see a business for sale," said Marilyn. "I went to see it, then Henry did. We thought it was a good deal. We worked hard at it for a long time."

Now fifteen years since their retirement, Marilyn continues to work hard caring for Henry, and she's as cheerful and sunny-spirited as ever. "Most of the time I've been able to handle it. I sure do enjoy the help I have now," she said. "I've had interaction with three different caregivers at Cura, and all of them have been very pleasant."

Life with Cura

Marilyn, who herself was known for excellent service in her retail capacity, has noticed the attention to personal service that Moises Paz, Cura's CEO, has paid them. "I can't say anything bad about the help I've gotten from them. If they're going to be late, the lady calls, and Moises calls also. He checks in all the time to make sure everything's okay."

Marilyn has been Henry's primary caregiver since he became sick, so she possesses a keen sensitivity to the value of quality caregivers. "Sandy, Mickey and all the Cura staff have been very good at what they do. Moises knows how to interview to get just the right people. He's very particular about whom he chooses. I'd certainly recommend them to anybody."

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