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7 Tips to Protect Your Budget

Saving money hasn't been so trendy since the Great Depression.

While saving aluminum foil and sour cream containers may have never gone out of style for some folks, there are several new tactics you can employ to give your budget the best chance of staying unbroken.

1. Shop around for insurance.

You might be surprised what a simple call to get quotes might yield you in savings. It costs nothing to ask, so just check a few different companies and make sure your rates are the best available.

2. Ask for senior discounts.

You've endured a lot of mileage to get this qualification, so take advantage of it; don't be afraid to ask if a business offers a senior discount. You have not because you ask not!

3. Pay by the year.

Annual rates are usually better than monthly, so for any service or subscription that gives you the option, choose annual. It may take some restructuring of your budget, but once you add up the money you could save, it might encourage you to pay this forward to yourself.

4. Unplug devices you aren't using.

Not only will you prevent the wee bit of power that gets used just from being plugged in, but it'll be more difficult to turn on lights and leave them on too long if they aren't plugged in. Obviously, this only applies to things that don't need to be used regularly.

5. Consider getting rid of a phone line.

Yes, it can be scary to think about no longer having your home phone, but ask around and find out how many people have gone only cell and see how they survive. Of course, make sure your friends and family are aware of your cell number and that you will only be available there. If you have any concerns about other businesses or entities being able to contact you, consider calling and asking them first.

Not only will eliminating the landline be one less bill, but it will also be one less flag to scam artists that you are a senior citizen. Yes, the majority of home phone owners are senior citizens.

And speaking of scam artists...

6. Never, I repeat, never go to Walgreens, Target, or XYZ store and buy a gift card for someone who calls you in distress, nor go to Western Union to send money to someone who says they have an emergency and need your assistance right now or the world will cave in.

Also, NEVER give a stranger any type of remote access to your computer. If you do, completely shut down your computer so they can't access anything, and call a computer expert you trust.

Anytime someone asks you for money, especially if they ask in a way that makes you feel scared or ashamed of some silly mistake you made, call a friend and get a second opinion. You aren't the first person nor will you be the last person targeted by scam artists who have no scruples about preying on others' insecurities.

7. Buddy up with a friend.

When you need to get groceries or run errands, phone a friend and see if you can share the fun. Not only will you be able to share that five pound bag of flour that's on sale yet you'll never use it all, but you'll also halve the gas.

Cura for Care exists to help seniors like you enjoy their life at home to the fullest. Whether we can be a sounding board about these or other issues or we can coordinate a trip around town with you and some friends who don't get around that well anymore, we'd love to help. Give us a call today at 615-522-5265 or email us at


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