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Have you heard of polypharmacy?

It's the official term for when you're taking too many medications at a time.

It's also linked to exponentially increased risks of falling, hospitalization, and a host of adverse effects, with each extra medication you add beyond five.

Leading researchers are working to determine best practices for deprescribing in a world where everyone expects to be handed a prescription at every visit to the doctor, hospital, or even rehab.

If you are concerned that you or a loved one may be taking too many prescriptions, leading to mental confusion or instability, please speak to a trusted pharmacist or doctor.

Although we at Cura for Care are not medical providers, it's our passion to help people live at home safely. That's why we wanted to address this common problem this month. One of our top priorities is preventing needless hospitalizations in our patients, since hospitalization is a costly experience for everyone.

Polypharmacy is a situation that can easily happen when a person has been to see multiple healthcare providers, such as after a hospital stay followed by rehab. Ironically, these visits can result in an overfull prescription pack, which can lead to future falls or adverse events...leading to future hospitalizations and rehab.

Here's a case study about one of our clients. After a hospital and rehab stint, his meds were not synced and could have resulted in dangerous overmedication. Please watch and share your thoughts; we look forward to hearing from you!


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