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What Quarantine Did to Mom with Dementia

In this Cura Cares Minute, Moises tells how a friend shared the story of her mom with dementia, with a great takeaway for any of us who cope with the struggles of aging.

This story is a beautiful example of how the mother/daughter relationship can be reinforced even in the midst of trying circumstances with a little bit of patience and flexibility.

Person-centered care during quarantine means:

1. Take a minute to CONSIDER how it must feel to lose all control of your daily routine to someone younger than you.

2. Instead of creating a schedule and activities to take control, find a way to help EMPOWER your loved one.

3. Talk it over with your loved one to ASSESS if they feel satisfied or troubled over the amount of control they possess, and ADJUST your strategies accordingly.

If you'd like to share your story or learn more about how Cura for Care can help you or your family deal with aging at home or memory loss and live healthy, happy, and active at home, contact Moises at mpaz@pps-cura or 615-522-5265.

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